There is no such thing as cheating in project management, but if there were it would be this book. It includes quick steps, relevant tips, fun stories, and applicable advice to solving common problems and questions focused around the work of a project manager. The book is in question / answer format with 11 chapters covering 65 questions.

When you have a question or problem do you have time to stop what you're doing and read a three hundred page book on a single topic? Wouldn't it be great if you could open a book and find a one to two page answer that you can apply immediately, in the moment when you need it? Now you've found one.

This book has hopes and dreams. It hopes that it will sit on or in your desk and be opened frequently when questions or problems arise. It wants you to write on its pages, make your own notes, and highlight what works for you. And it dreams that you will share its contents with your colleagues.

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Workshops are experiential dialogues in a format of “I share, you share,” using real life examples, interactive exercises, and a dash of humor. Content is structured to be accessible to a variety of different learning styles, and immediately applicable with practical tips.

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Have you found yourself managing a project when being a project manager is not your job? You don't need extensive training and aren't looking to get certified. Project management isn't your primary focus, but you could benefit from having an expert at your side. I will coach you throughout the duration of your project on best practices, how to get buy-in, and user adoption. You'll get templates and help on how to use them effectively. And I'll coach you through managing change, risk, time, scope, quality, and communication. I'll stay with you from initiation to roll-out and be your personal PM coach.